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What We Believe

  • Racism is the oppression of people due to the social construct of race backed by a system of racism that confers privilege and power on White people

  • While structural racism is the foremost barrier to equity in the U.S., systems are comprised of individuals and therefore individuals must change to dismantle racism

  • The ripples of antiracist change can positively impact entire communities 

  • The work of being antiracist has a beginning, it does not have an end

  • While growth requires discomfort, it also requires care and dignity

  • A deep understanding of intersecting identities is important in being antiracist

  • The goal of antiracism is equity 

High Fives


"Deitra has the unique ability to be a teacher, a reflector, and a partner in growing as leader.  I have grown and will continue to grow with her expertise, skill, and wisdom – and will be shaped, as a professional in my work,  by her passion and commitment."

Rebecca Robins, Religious School Director

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