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How We Partner

  • Individual coaching for organizational leaders to support centering antiracism thinking and action.

  • Organizational assessments to help understand where structural inequities exist and provide  strategies to improve diversity, equity and belonging within the institution.

  • Intensive facilitated small group discussions to raise self-awareness of race, the impact of race in our society and communities including in organizations and institutions, increase feelings of belonging and develop racial stamina in order to be antiracist.

  • Facilitation coaching to scale the antiracist work to your organization.

  • Tailored and targeted workshops to increase institutional knowledge and spur change.


"Deitra has the unique ability to be a teacher, a reflector, and a partner in growing as a leader.  I have grown and will continue to grow with her expertise, skill, and wisdom – and will be shaped, as a professional in my work,  by her passion and commitment."

Rebecca Robins, Religious School Director

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